Trucking and Freight Services within Canada and the USA

At GHM, we provide trucking and freight services within Canada and the USA for large, oversize and overweight loads. Our experienced drivers are dedicated to delivering your load on-time and within your budget, and our impressive fleet of trucks and trailers are a safe, reliable transportation option.

Our fleet is well-maintained to meet industry demands, and it consists of:

Super B trailers:

These trailers consist of two trailers linked together by a fifth wheel – the lead is 32’ long and the pup is 28’ long.

Flatbed trailers: 

We have 53 flatbed trailers. Transporting by flatbed is a safe and secure way to transport your large loads. These trailers are very versatile, and they are best suited for items that are large, wide, and that need to be unloaded from above, the side or rear.

Step deck trailers: 

Otherwise known as drop deck trailers – these trailers are similar to flatbed trailers but consist of an upper and lower deck. Step deck trailers are specifically designed to carry freight that can’t be transported on a standard flatbed due to height restrictions. For instance, a flatbed might work best for long pipes while a step deck would work better for construction vehicles.

Trombone trailers: 

These trailers are extendable and ideal for extra-long, self-supporting loads.

Contact GHM for more information about our fleet or to book out trucking services. We are happy to recommend the best trailer type for your needs and answer any questions you may have.

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